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The Facility
Endoscopy Center is certified as an outpatient ambulatory surgery center. This means that you will not require hospitalization or overnight stay for your procedure. Although the name implies surgery, no incisions are required to examine the inner lining of your intestines with endoscopy. The flexible instruments are small diameter tubes which can be passed through the mouth or rectum and advanced through the digestive tract for inspection. Our facility is regularly inspected and licensed by the Arkansas Department of Health and certified by Medicare.

Operating Hours
Operating hours are 6:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Since your procedure was scheduled by the doctor’s office, any questions or changes in appointment times should be directed to that office at 501-664-6980. We ask that you call at least 48 hours in advance if you are unable to keep your procedure appointment.

Preparation For Exam
For the best possible examination, it is important that you follow the detailed instructions given to you by your physician prior to endoscopy. If your preparation was altered in any way, you should report this to the facility before driving to your examination. You may be required to change into a patient gown and place your clothes into a plastic bag; therefore, it is advisable to dress casually and comfortably. Valuables such as purses, wallets, loose money, and jewelry should be left with a companion while you are in the procedure area. Dentures, eyeglasses and contact lenses may be worn but will be removed if necessary. Please bring someone with you to drive you home and assist you at home after your procedure. An IV catheter will be placed in your arm vein before the procedure and medicine will be injected through this catheter that will make you relaxed and drowsy. Since there is limited seating in the waiting area, we ask that you bring only one person with you, if possible.


Your physician will talk with you briefly and may perform a limited physical exam before your procedure. Any new symptoms or recent changes in your state of health should be reported to your physician at this time. You should bring a list of all medications and dosages you are currently taking. The physician will then give you medicine through the IV catheter which will allow you to relax. You may sleep for a short period of time. Once you are relaxed, your physician will begin your procedure. The exact amount of time it takes to complete your exam is unknown since everyone has conditions of their digestive tract which are different. Your physician will use whatever amount of time is necessary to perform a thorough examination, so please be patient and understanding if you are waiting. We will keep your family informed of any delays in our schedule.

Recovery Room
Once your examination is completed, you will be taken to the recovery area until most of the effects of the medication have worn off. When the recovery room nurse feels you are able to safely leave, you will be able to change into your clothes and be escorted to a report room to discuss the results of your exam with your physician. You will be given a copy of instruction to follow after your procedure such as diet, medications and follow-up.

You will receive a statement from the Endoscopy Center for your facility fees which are separate from any fee your physician charges. In order that we may file your insurance for you, we ask that you have available the following upon arrival at the center:

1. Your insurance card with appropriate numbers and benefit coverage.
2. Completed claim forms if required by your insurance company.
3. Referral form if you are an HMO participant.
4. Payment of your insurance deductible or copay, if applicable.

This may be information you have already provided to the physicians office, however, our records are handled separately and your insurance is filed separately as well.

Notice of patient rights



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